How to make a shield to go back in time and save your lesbian girlfriend



so if your pink haired friend just died and you wanna go stop her from becoming meguca, here’s a tutorial on how to do so!



-wood glue

-styrofoam balls (two small ones and one bigger one)

-multiple grits(?) of sanding paper

-a compass (with dull, preferably flat lead)

-silver and gold paint

-a paintbrush

-foam board (idk if that’s what you call it but it’s like a slab of foam with paper?? I bought it at the dollar store tho so it’s not hard to find)

-a cutter/knife (not scissors cuz they bend and tear the foam board really bad)

-a pill bottle (or a soda cap might work?)


1. measure to see how big you wanna make ur portable time machine, allowing a bit of extra room around the edges for the outer ring, then draw a circle on your foam board. it’s okay if the edges arent perfect cuz we’re gonna cover up your failure later with the ring

2. paint it with your sparkly silver paint as you cry about your life. you only gotta do the side you want showing cuz nobody cares about the back. congrats you have a pretty lookin circle now

3. select your three different balls and use a giant freakin knife to cut them almost in half. I say almost because when you cut them the styrofoam does this really weird thing when it splits and makes holes on the bottom of the balls and it just looks messy. you also don’t wanna use both halves of one of the smaller balls because then they’d be all uneven and I’m pretty sure the balls have holes on one half. don’t use that half.

4. go outside and sand them down all nice to the center line. it’s okay if there are giant holes in the middle from cutting as long as there aren’t any on the edges

5. go back in and paint them gold. if you were a wuss and wanted to use spray paint lemme tell ya it’ll melt the styrofoam just like your heart when you saw meduka. Don’t make your balls like your heart. Use acrylics.

6. use the opening of your pill bottle or whatever to trace the S shaped lines on the balls with a pen. Be careful because if you mess up you’ll have to reset the entire timeline again jfc so be sure your bottle is exactly the right size. You should have various sized bottles cuz you rly need meds after destroying the universe and everything

7.your balls are complete! congrats to u. but now we’re gonna ignore the inner decorations and make the outer ring. Measure out whatever you want it to be and make it like an inch or so thick. We’re gonna be giving it tonsa angles. Trace it onto your wood

8. Cut out the ring and attempt to rough out the angles. I kept the inner part mostly flat, then made it slope up to make a point at the very top, then made the outside mostly round and then slope back in at the bottom. idk if that made any sense but I’ll put up pictures if you want. basically just do whatever looks good to you because there’s no right way to do this part. her shield references are really inconsistent. :/

9. go outside with your laptop and a crapload of sanding paper and load up Rebellion cuz this is gonna take a really long time. Sand your ring until you like it and it’s as sharp and edgy as your personality. Flip your hair when you’re done.

10. after watching yourself become the devil, go back inside and paint the ring you just spent your whole life on. hopefully you sanded it well enough that the paint isn’t all bumpy like your relationship with your girlfriend. you don’t have to do the entire inside of the ring or the bottom and yer gonna find out why in a sec

11. measure how thick and how far in you want the base of your shield to go and carve out a little ridge on the bottom of the ring so the bottoms of both are level. don’t glue them in yet though cuz you still got stuff to do.

12. print out this thing and get it to as close to your shield as possible:


13. take out your old foam board again and trace out the two swirly whatchamahoos onto it. You can do a few test ones if you want I don’t care. cut them out with your knife (don’t cut yourself no matter how tempting) and see if they fit in all nice and snug on your shield. Mine didn’t, so I had to cut off some of the bottom to fit better.

14. Paint them all nice, and don’t forget the edges! this is the last time you’re gonna be painting I promise

15. take your compass and your template and measure out how you want the circle design and the two other weird lines on it to be. I didn’t want to draw the details on, so I just used the flat lead on the compass to make indentations (and the shields already silver so it’s not like it’ll make any noticeable marks) Just so you know the two arches aren’t making a perfect eyeball shape so figure out their placements separately. I just kinda eyeballed where the lines started and ended and tried to figure out where to put the compass a zillion times. Also when you’re making indentations you should kinda angle the lead because I had mine flat and it kept catching and made these weird uneven bumps >: After going over the lines a few times to make them deeper (which you should do nonetheless) they were less noticeable.

16. wow that step was long. Now cut out the little diamond-ish swooshes coming out of the smaller balls and connecting to the big one. Really you only need to cut out one. Place it on the shield relative to the other stuff and use a pen to draw over all of the lines. The pressure should indent the design on the shield. You can go over it a few times with a sharper object since the lines are smaller, but try not to make it *too sharp* (I used a mechanical pencil and even then tried to make it pretty light) You also might need to extend the design a bit more and that’s fine cuz I had to do that and I really doubt anyone will care

17. Now your designs are all done! take ur awesome wood glue and glue the ring onto the shield, then clamp it and give it like a day to dry (you only need half an hour, but it says you need to wait 24 hours before putting pressure on the joints and you don’t want it to break like your soul. jk you don’t have a soul you’re a magical girl

18. once you got your base done, place all the extra crap back on and glue that. chances are you were a failure and some glue leaked out from under so just use a damp towel to wipe it off. Give that a couple hours too.

19. Haha I lied you gotta paint again. Touch up the paint wherever you messed up or where you can see where you wiped the glue away. You don’t need much to cover it up so don’t sweat it. You might need to tilt it to see where all the wiped off glue is so be sorta thorough when you look so you don’t miss anything. You can also weather the paint but idk how to do that and I didn’t feel like it. Besides it looks weathered enough imo

20. Take two strips of velcro that go around your arm and place them on the back of the shield. Try it on and cut off any extra, but most importantly check if it stays

Now you’re done!!! Put it on and do a few test hairflips, and then go off to stop Meduka from becoming god!!


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Anonymous said: ahh hihi ;u; umm I saw your Trush Una cosplay a few days ago and I was wondering if you could tell me how you made the skirt ( if thats okay with you) >_< ty!!!




That’s actually my friend lothlin! I’m just her photographer ^^; I only cosplay Zeppeli. lolol

I believe that she made it from PVC vinyl and applique’d all the pieces on individually. But she could tell you more than I can obviously.She won’t bite. :)  Heeeey lothlin!

Alright I said I was going to break it down for you, lets break this sucker down! I have a surprising amount of photos for Trish because I’d been planning on entering her in some contest, at some point (which I never did,) but oh well. Hopefully they’ll help :3

First I’ll preface this by saying - I did use mostly PVC vinyl with a smattering of metallic spandex. I would encourage you, if you want to do it similar to how I do it, to not cheap out on vinyl. Cheap vinyl has a tendency to go bad pretty darn quickly, plus its harder to sew, and it stinks to have all your hard work ruined because your materials just can’t handle the passage of time or, honestly, normal wear and tear.

That said, to use this method, you absolutely want to use a fabric that isn’t going to fray on you. You could *potentially* use a woven fabric that could fray, but then you’d either have to fray block every edge or heat-and-bond the applique pieces so they didn’t fray. Either way, it’ll look less clean and the heat and bond will take a little of the give out of the fabric.


All the fabric on the costume is vinyl *except* for the pink lining you see, which is some metallic spandex - I purchased both from The gem on the collar/shirt is cast from resin, and the metal backing is honestly a bit of metal that I dremeled into shape. But, I’m not really going to go into the top unless you ask. The skirt is really the hard part of this costume anyway.

You’ll also need a very large amount of iron-on tear away stabilizer, along basting spray (both can be found in the notions section of Joann fabrics.)

So I can’t believe I took a picture of this, but I did, so you get to see something I rarely share - design sketches!


Its not the most clear picture, I can admit. But basically here you have the layout for the skirt (which unfortunately, due to the pattern doesn’t really work as anything but a rectangle, which frankly, makes the fit really weird, but its drawn weird too so w/e) Basically I figured out my measurements, exactly how large the main skirt piece needed to be, and how many squares (and they have to be square, so account for this,) that I needed vertically and horizontally to figure out how big to make the pattern for the squares/math symbols.


Cut out one big piece (in silver) for the base fabric of the skirt


Then cut out several… hundred… applique pieces


So many




Seriously I’m not kidding I had so many applique pieces.


So after that you want to pull out your stabilizer, your iron (on the lowest setting that will make the stabilizer stick, be careful ironing on vinyl! And always iron on the back side!) and get to ironing on the applique.

Basically you want to sandwich the applique pieces between two pieces of stabilizer (as you can see in this picture.) Iron a piece of stabilizer on a large square (to the backside) and to a math symbol applique (on the good side,) make sure its centered (you can see my pencilmarks on the stabilizer measured out to make sure everything lines up) and use the basting spray to stick the applique to the square. Repeat this until all of your pieces are assembled.

In addition, draw a pencil line on top of your stabilizer where you’ll be stitching - you’ll want it to be about an eighth to a quarter inch from the edge of your applique. This line will provide a nice visual to help keep your applique straight.


So using a stretch stitch on your sewing machine (its the stitch that looks like three vertical lines right next to each other) stitch the pieces together, tear out all your stabilizer, and you should end up with something like this. Repeat until you’ve done all of the applique pieces.

And now, the real hard part is coming up. Thus far, its just been tedious and a little finicky, but not so bad you want to tear your hair out. Don’t worry, it gets worse.


Line up everything on the base, basting spray it in place.


IRON ON MORE STABILIZER (though I suggest doing a section at a time; it’ll want to lose adhesion because you’ll have to be moving it to much.)

Then stitch EVERYTHING down, repeating the stretch stitch method used on the applique above. Its going to take forever and its going to be annoying, because I’m willing to bet you don’t have a quilting machine and this much topstitching with this amount of fabric on a normal sewing machine is hell.

Don’t worry, I believe in you.


As you can see, there’s a couple pieces on the diagonal bit that hang over. Trim them so they end properly (you’ll see how in the next piece)


Line, attach the waistband, and you should be done (with the skirt, at least.)

Good luck if you plan on doing Trish. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that, frankly, this is probably the hardest jojo costume I’ve done - there’s not a lot of fabric to it, but there are a lot of ridiculous details, repetitive stylings, and well… just look at it. So seriously, GOOD LUCK if you cosplay Trish!

fucking Christ. lothlin proving her superiority. god i love you

ichijoujisan said: what wig(s) did you use for your sora cosplay? im making a wig for a character that has a very similar hairstyle but im having trouble on finding what wig(s) to use


Hi! For my Sora wig I put two Punky wigs together! Now this wig is seeeeeveral years old, so I would also suggest the Jareth wigs from Arda! They have great volume!

Best of luck to ya!

How to Make Your Makeup Last


"How do I make my makeup last all day?" It is the million dollar question that every makeup-wearer has asked at-least once in their life and today I’m going to give you the answer. Makeup that has faded, oxidized or gone patchy doesn’t really do a great job at enhancing your best assets so use these tips to keep your face makeup staying put for at-least 6 hours…

How to Make Your Makeup Last


Skincare is one of the most important steps in makeup. Without good skin you can’t have great makeup. So cleanse and follow up with a good day cream prior to makeup (I love *Sukin Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream, it makes my makeup glide on extra smooth!) application. I personally don’t like to use a toner and serum before makeup because I find they take a little too long when I’m in a rush and that too much skincare can cause makeup to slide off.


No a primer isn’t just one of those useless products that companies are trying to scam you into buying; a primer is a god send. They come in several different formulas depending on your concerns (green for redness, illuminating, moisturising, mattifying, resurfacing etc.) but my pick is to go with a simple, silicone based primer which will work for just about anybody. They fill in the pores to smooth out your skin making your makeup last, whilst also making your makeup glide on smoother and resulting in the need for less foundation. My holy grail is Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer, I’ve been using it for two years and no other primer in the world has come close to the amazing results it gives.

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Throw Back Thursday to PersaCon 2007.

Throw Back Thursday to PersaCon 2007.






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omg omg omg.. Active surplus is like 5 minutes from work :3

For my cosplay bros


Tip Tuesday #81

Smooth your worbla seams by using an iron. Travel sized irons are especially great for small sized projects. 


Foamy wings tutorial 

*Apologize for my english*

  1. Decide the size of your wings and make the skeleton with wire and some paper (white one i didn’t have white paper so used what i had).
  2. Add a hard piece in the U of the skeleton in my case used a book cover.
  3. Start glueing the long feathers first in the bot of the paper. 
  4. Then add medium size feathers for the 2 next lines.
  5. Finish covering the next free space with smaller feathers.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 in the other side and remember also cover where the U wire is.
  7. Add the straps and you are done!

My page :

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This is one of my favourite most simple tutorials for making female armour. How to make the breast area look good has always baffled me. She does a really good job at explaining how it works. Here’s some of her amazing work:



Go follow her amazing work here.

Follow me here or on Facebook for more small tutorials. Contact me to request a tutorial

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(this is my very first cosplay tutorial, so sorry if it’s a bit shaky!)

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